In memory of dearly mom Esperanza Morales and her precious baby Yulidia Perez Morales.

A loving mom who loved to cook and had a special touch for everything she cooked, not only for her family but for relatives, friends and everyone who wanted to taste her fabulous food. She liked handbags and pink was her favorite color


Yuli a precious bubbly and playful baby who was deeply loved by everyone around her, she was known for dragging around a duck her favorite toy and which she took everywhere she went.


They left behind a loving dad and husband, a dearly son and brother and an older daughter and sister which the Morales-Perez's left behind in their homeland when they migrated to this country in the search of the American Dream. She would never have the chance to get to know Yuli to hug and hold her. Esperanza will never be able to see her daughter graduate from college how she dreamed of.  Her oldest daughter will never have the opportunity to hug her mom one last time and tell her how much she missed and loved her.