Safe Roads For Our Children


Speed is involved in about one of three fatal crashes, according to NHTSA


Reasons why people speed

There are many reasons why people speed. According to Focus on Safety: A practical Guide to Automated Traffic Enforcement, drivers speed because:

They are in hurry

They are inattentive to their driver

They don't view their driving behavior a dangerous.

They don't expect to get caught.

Some or all f the above.




Lives lost - over 10,219 in 2013 -

Work zone crashes and fatalities - speed was a factor in 27 percent of fatal crashes in construction and maintenance zones in 2005.

Unsafe school zones - compliance with lower speed limits is poor

Economic cost - speed related crashes cost society over $40 billion annually according to NHTSA. Every minute "gained" by speeding to a destination costs U.S. society over $76,000


People often think of highways as a major factor for speeding fatalities, perhaps because speeds are highest on highways. But the vast majority of speeding-related fatalities happen on roads that are not interstate highways. NHTSA's 2006 fatality data shows that 47 percent of 

speed-related fatalities occurred on road posted at 50mph or less, and more than 20 percent occurred on roads posted at 35mph or less.