Safe Roads For Our Children



My sister Aileen Quiroz was sweet, nice and funny. At night when we would go to sleep she would always want to grab my hear and then she would fall asleep, she would always want the TV on. Before going to sleep she would organize her soccer stuff. Inside her Spiderman backpack she would always carry her bible and money. There are two things that she would always want to wear when going to school, her tie and her reaction purple shoes. I also remember that every single  day when I would go to school she would go out to the door and say "Bye Aris" and I would say "Bye Aileen", she would always want to be with my Tia Lena or me; she loved us so much. But now we have our little Angel in heaven to take care of us. 

Ariana Quiroz

My Aileen, 

My precious little girl, every morning I could hear your footsteps through the stairs when you came full of happiness running into my room and rapidly opened the door, with your smile I felt that the sun had come into my room to make my day and your voice of a frail dove telling me "I'm here Ele". I miss you small hands on my face telling "I love you", your bitten finger nails that I so much loved. Every day I miss you walking by my side with your butterfly laughter that kept me away from any wrongdoing. My precious girl one day we will walk, laugh and play together again because you are now in god's kingdom, we just separated momentarily until god reunite us once again my beautiful girl.

Elena Q.


You were my soccer star, my hope and in my dreams I could see you leading the best national soccer team in the world. It was a delight seeing you playing with Arlette and Alessandro and the way you had them submerged into your own little world of stories. No one has been able to make Arltette and Alessandro laugh the way you did, it was crazy having you both in my car, it was non-stop laughter and giggling. You brought up the best in Alessandro and since you are gone, he is not the same. It aches seeing him hurting and not having you.  There are games and laughs but not the amazing stories like the ones you created for them. I loved the way you dressed and secretly admired  you more than anyone else. You were supposed to be my punk rocker, my animal lover and my soccer star. I teased you because you looked so much like your daddy and I couldn't take so much cuteness. How can a spoiled little girl like you can be kind, loving and caring at the same time? Just you ma' just you! That shyness of yours made you the unique little girl that you were, even though you were very timid you had the courage to be who you wanted to be and look after the little ones. Ma' I just know that I missed you so much and love you!!!


Your little purple boots;

Worn out from running and playing so much

Your little boots where your little feet were sheltered,

Your little feet that with so much skills

kicked and kicked the soccer ball

Your little feet were tireless with your little boots on,

Now through heaven's pink roads they run.